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What is an IRA?

A lot of confusion around financial planning and investments comes from some of the terminology.   One of the most common questions we hear is what exactly is a traditional IRA and a roth IRA?


Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

These are the basic building blocks of investment strategies.  Understanding the actual investments themselves and how they work can be helpful in understanding how your portfolio will impact your financial planning.

Portfolio Construction

We find that analogies can be helpful in making investment concepts easier to understand.  Here is how your overall portfolio mirrors a football team.


There are very successful investment firms and platforms that exist based on the notion that working with a financial advisor is not worth the fees.  No matter how experienced an investor is, fees are universally understood.  Below are considerations and perspectives on fees from and industry, advisor and client perspective.  

Active Management

Active vs Passive management is an ongoing debate.  Joined by a special guest, we hear the perspective of an active manager.