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Active Research

Active Research

We rigorously research and study actively managed investment strategies that have a definable security selection process and strong track record of outperforming their benchmarks.  We take those investments and blend them with our capital market assumptions and economic outlook to ensure that your money is never left on autopilot.  

When I get on an airplane I prefer to know there is a well qualified real human being in the cockpit, especially if we go through turbulent times.  Shouldn't you want the same of your money?

We would love to discuss how active management can fit into your planning and investing needs, give us a call today! 210-201-0051

Active vs Passive:  The Great Debate

Its very popular to hear people say things suggesting active secutiry selection doesn't work.  While there are good points on the passive side, we believe active management plays a vital role in portfolio construction and helping clients pursue their financial goals.  To learn more about the topic please check out the video below: