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The Ballad of Oliver Anthony

August 16, 2023

"Rich Men North of Richmond" has emerged from the densest sticks in the county and Oliver Anthony from Farmville, VA, has gone viral. On August 8th, this song was uploaded to YouTube and, as of August 16th, has been viewed almost 16 million times! If you have yet to see it and hop on to YouTube to watch it, you might have trouble finding it because of all the commentary and reaction videos other people uploaded. I'm generally intrigued when things go viral, and this case is particularly compelling. The attraction has as much to do with the emotion and authenticity as the specific words or points he makes. I know from experience how stressed-out people are from the last three-plus years. I think the whole world has a bit of a "give me a break" feeling sitting on its chest. 

That agitation sprouts from feeling powerless. Feeling like you're trying, you're doing the right things, and every time you are about to progress, you get told to go to the back of the line. I have the unique perspective of talking to all kinds of people, and let me tell you, everyone feels this way at certain times but there is a mistake in taking that feeling and thinking, "Oh, if I just had this or that…". More money and materials will not make you happy.  Happiness doesn't come from things but rather from fulfillment.

That begs the question, are people not feeling fulfilled today and why not? It is my opinion that people are built for relationships, and you cannot have a relationship with an institution. You can only have relationships with other human beings. Here's our problem, everyone is demanding institutions do something to make a change. It is people who make changes and institutions are only entities that facilitate transactions. When I worked in corporate America, I often felt that my institution did not care about me or my perspectives. Client would feel the same way and it would lead to this idea of control what you can control.  Unfortunately, that mantra can lead to apathy rather than behavioral change.  If you want change, you have to be change.  

Here is your two-step solution to be change, take your power back, and feel more fulfilled with money. Step one, don't think of it as money, think of it as potential impact. Your resources are an opportunity to impact your immediate community now and after you're gone. Make specific goals you can control and work with an advisor to create a plan and strategy to try and realize those goals. Step two, do not have your investments with people who don't work for you. If your investments are at "Big Name Firm," then your advisor works for that firm first and you second. We are the exact opposite.  I work for my clients, not an institution. Reach out to me and let me show you how you can have more control in the impact you and your resources have on your community.