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Optimize 2024

December 06, 2023

Life is full of decisions that can sometimes result in us being unbalanced. We need to balance today's needs with tomorrow's needs. From time to time, everyone needs to take a step back, recalibrate, and move forward more intentionally based on where they are going. Here is your guide on how to make the most of 2024, personally and financially.

First, stop letting negative people influence you. I cannot stress this enough. My industry is full of what we call bears. These Bears perpetually looking at a half-empty glass. As a citizen of this world, you cannot live with your head in the sand, but you can control the measure of credibility you give to negativity. For years, I have diligently noted who has said what. Negative people get follow-ups from me. They are almost always wrong about their predictions, and even if they are occasionally correct, it's never to the extreme scope they predicted. Hold them accountable to their doomsday prophecies. You'll find that they usually need to learn what they are talking about anyway. Their predictions are a product of their receiving personal satisfaction from the attention their doom and gloom get them. Step one for making 2024 your year is to limit negativity around you. A great place to start is cutting out negative people on your social media, and now that there is space on your feed, follow Greenwing Wealth Management for fun and encouraging content.

Secondly, now that you are an optimist make decisions, especially financial ones, with an optimistic view. Save like you'll need money in retirement or a down payment for a house in three years. Save AT LEAST 15% of your gross income. The best place to start is to log into your employer's 401k and increase your contributions.

Step three: make a plan. Get out your calendar, call your spouse in, and say, "We need to carve out 2 hours and meet with the very entertaining, knowledgeable, and humble advisors at Greenwing Wealth Management." Did you know Austin will give you a complimentary consultation and financial plan? All you need to do is commit two hours to us, and we will calibrate your path to one that provides clarity to your future and seeks to furnish you with a pathway to meet your financial goals. If you still need a financial plan, here is your opportunity to work with a Certified Financial Planner to make one - no excuse not to have one.

The most significant factor in predicting positive outcomes is the measure of intentionality someone takes. Intentionally choose to cut out negativity, save more money, and take up Greenwing Wealth Management on its offer to help you navigate your personal and financial goals.